Sunday, September 23, 2012

Phoebe / Finley / Shannon / ?

I have not yet decided on a name for her, but here she is!!
She's 3 years old, birthday is 9/18/09,  approx. 60#, rescue retired racing greyhound, racing name was Irish Dawn.  Adopted 9/22/2012 from the wonderful folks at

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The life of a night-shifter

I completed 2 weeks of night shifts without DKA, passing out from alow, falling asleep at work....
I have my day time basals pretty well set, and I have been running in the 70 - 80 range while sleeping during the days... thinking I'll turn back the basals just a touch to get more in the 80 - 100 range though.
The nights... oh man the nights!!  Those are a different animal!  I have discovered I have a much more intense dawn phenomenon wwhen I'm awake in the 3am - 7am hours than if I were to be asleep during those hours.  That seems very backwards to me, and I'm still trying to figure it out.  I'm wondering if I need to crank up my I:C ratio for my meal break that's anywhere between midnight and 1:30am - I have been creeping up after that, and can't decide if it's basal or I:C related, but I can't really do a no carb meal in the middle of the night when I need serious carbs, calories, etc. to stay awake at work... it just wouldn't work for me... I need those carbs in the middle of the night to stay awake and functioning.

In happier news, I am now off orientation at work!  WOO!  It doesn't really feel much different though because all my coworkers are GREATand we're always asking each other if anyone needs help with anything... there are always people there to ask questions and help out.  It's a GREAT group of people to work with - no intimidation there at all unlike the EVIL ER I was in for about 6 months...
More happy news - In 6 days, as long as things go well when we meet, I'm adopting my rescue retired racing greyhound!!!!  YAY!!!  Good thing they're known as the "45-mile per hour couch potatoes"... they like LOTS of long naps, so me working night shifts 3nights a week shouldn't be a huge problem - HOPEFULLY...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rough times expected ahead...

This next week, I am starting my night shift schedule.  This is what I was hired for, and my body seems to do ok with night shift so I'm ok with it.  If I could pick any shift, I would LOVE the 3p to 11p shift... I am NOT a morning person.
I have admittedly been slacking a bit on testing lately, so with the change of shift coming up, I plan on using that to get back into things and evaluate basals, etc. with the change of sleep / wake cycles.
The last time I was working night shifts, I actually had my blood sugars AWESOME somehow.  I plan on starting up on my Dex again... have been taking a break from that for a bit because I generally get the best results with that on my upper arms, and my skin there was getting very angry.
The first week or so of a complete reversal of shifts is generally a bit messy and rough, but before, once I hit week 3 of that schedule things were pretty well smoothed over.  That first bit though frankly SUCKS!
Does anyone have any tips for making this transition a bit easier?
I know test, test, Dex, test and wait at least a few days or a week until my body's a bit less stressed and freaked out by the change to then change any pump settings otherwise it gets WAY too confusing.
Are there any other night shift PWDs out there?