Monday, November 9, 2009

D-Blog Day!!!!

This is my first ever D-Blog Day!! YAY, what a wonderful day!
I am absolutely exhausted from a cardio test in nursing school today and having 2 papers due, one being about 35 pages long... *sigh*

Anyway, diabetes...

I have many diabetes heroes in my life... whether they know it or not. Some of them are: Kerri Sparling of; Sara of DLife; Nicole Johnson (Miss America 1999); Ellen Ullman (; Jeff Hitchcock (; every single diabetes blogger that is out there; my aunt Christine Moore; and lastly, my aunt Judy O'Brien who lost her fight with diabetes in 2004. She was my first diabetes heroine and will forever be my heroine. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was eight years old. Labor Day weekend, 1994. My aunt Judy in that instant, became like a second mom to me. We bonded so much over diabetes stuff that we could look at each other, look at the dessert table, and just start laughing about not knowing how to count the carbs in that delicious looking Thanksgiving pie, or the hundreds of Christmas cookies beautifully arranged on trays.

I have discovered through my limited blogging about diabetes that you can truly bond with people over your random rantings about life with diabetes. I write a post, not expecting anyone to ever read it, but writing it to vent, chatter and ramble on for no reason at all, and someone comments. I automatically feel a connection with this person. No one other than a fellow person with diabetes really "gets it". I truly do appreciate people without diabetes trying to "get it", I really do, but it's definitely not the same as living with diabetes in your life every single day of every year.

I am hoping to make more and more connections in the diabetes world, so please everyone who reads this (probably all of like 2 people.... ) pass this site along so I can meet more people like me (well, not necessarily like me since I'm kinda a really weird random dork (my Aunt Judy always said it's better to be weird because normal people are boring)) but other people connected to diabetes. I just realized I think I made a new record for myself with how many parentheses I can use in one paragraph! WOO! It's the little things in life I tell you!!

One final thing... CONGRATS to Kerri and Chris for having a happy healthy, hiccup-y BSparl in the works!!!


  1. Hey Tricia! Haven't been on your D-Blog in a while, but wanted to reach out and say congrats on your upcoming Diaversary marking 16 years! A long journey that keeps going, but your positive attitude is inspiring. Same way myself, as far as the D-Heroes - such as Kerri, who has brought who knows how many of us into the DOC fold through the years! Anyhow, look forward to seeing you around the DOC!

  2. It is obviously a tough phase when a person is detected with a serious illness and a chronic one if not serious.It is good to be exchanging ideas and talking to like minded people in the same boat.