Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Part Time Caregivers Guide to Type 1 Diabetes

A while back, my best friend was interviewing for a nanny position. It just so happens that one of the 2 daughters had diabetes and was on an insulin pump and CGM.  I started writing down all sorts of random thoughts and tips for my friend to helpeducate her about what all she'd need to know in order to care for this girl.  The thing I discovered is that most, if not all of the diabetes guides in existence are geared towards full time caregivers.  My friend wouldn't need to know every single detail, every scenario, etc. and these guides were just too overwhelming for someone like grandparents, babysitters, nannies, teachers, etc. who only care for a child with diabetes occasionally, just during the days, etc.

I decided that a guide specifically geared to this population was something that I felt could help loads of people.  I started writing a "Part Time Caregivers Guide to Type 1 Diabetes".  I went through a few drafts, and it is still (and probably will always be) a work in progress, but my issue has been how to get this guide OUT THERE to those who could benefit from it.

I looked into publishing it somehow, but that world is just far too overwhelming for me.
I got in touch with my old pediatric CDE, and she said they have their own kind of welcome pack / guide that they give to all newly diagnosed families.

I guess I have some questions for you all...
-- Is this something that there REALLY is a need for?
-- What kind of format would you like? (printed, computer so you can revise or edit as needed and print out for the people in your life who need it)
-- What all would you like in it - I have all the basics (checking blood sugar, operating a pump, giving a shot, treating highs and lows, basic trouble-shooting, etc. as well as worksheets for writing in insulin doses, bolus amounts for certain foods, correction amounts, important phone numbers, etc.)

If anyone has suggestions for how to get this out there, if you'd like to help by editing, or if you'd just like to see it and give feedback, any and all help would be great.  Just drop me a message on here or by e-mail at


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