Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dogs and Diabetes

I have wanted a dog for as long as I can remember.  Growing up, we never had pets unless you cound the suicidal fish I has when I was somewhere around 10 - 12 (don't ask, traumatic experience, fish jumped the tank and I found it dead on the floor).
I am now living alone in a city where I know my coworkers and the apartment leasing guy and that's literally it!  I have decided that I am going to rescue a dog.  I am a super overly-analytical person who researches EVERYTHING far more than I need to or should.  I have even started watching 'The Dog Whisperer' since I have always kind of thought that when I have kids, they will end up needing therapy for some reason because of something I said or did to them.  I figure if I start being proactive with this before getting a dog, maybe said dog won't end up needing psych meds or major interventions of some kind.
I have found a dog that I'm in love with (based on his pictures and internet description), so I plan on visiting him next weekend and possibly adopting him (after a 1 week trial if they'll let me do that since as a nurse, I can have REALLY wonky schedules and I want to see how adaptable and ok with being alone he is before I officially adopt him).
Okay, so now to the title of my post... Dogs and Diabetes.  I have thought the idea of a diabetic alert dog was really cool for years, but as a nurse, it's not like I work somewhere that I could bring the dog and have them funciton as a true full time DAD.  I have thought about maybe doing some training with a rescue dog and if they take to it, GREAT, I'll have an unofficial part-time DAD for when I'm with them, but SO much cheaper, and I've always felt like a dog would love me more with being a rescue rather than a bought dog...
So... I'm going to adopt a dog hopefully sometime in the next 2 months, possibly next weekend even, and I'm going to try to do some informal DAD training if they'll take to it - after we both adjust to each other a bit... and if they don't get it, if I decided not to put in all the extra time for that intensive extra training, oh well - I'll still have a totally awesome roomie to love and snuggle!

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  1. You may find the dog you get will let you know about lows anyway. My son's father's dog whines and runs in circles around him when he's low. He's only there one day a week, so it's kinda cool she does this with no training and limited time.