Friday, August 24, 2012

More about dogs

I know... this is a blog about diabetes... but diabetes invades just about every part of someone's life, so then really if you think about it, that means this blog can include posts about almost anything...

I am SUPER excited, I was just approved today to adopt a rescued retired racing greyhound dog.  The organization I am working with is AWESOME, and we're working on figuring out which dog is the best fit for me, and which dog would like living with me the best.  It's SUCH a process with the group I'm going through, but honestly - that's comforting.  I feel like I'm adopting a baby, which in a sense I am - just not a small human baby.

Anyway, if all goes well and a match is made, I should be getting a furry companion sometime in the next 2 months or so.

Now to contemplate names.
For a girl, I'm thinking:
Finley (Finn for short)
Reilly (or Rylee or Ryleigh)

For boys, thinking about:

These are if the racing name they had doesn't seem to fit or if I don't like they name they have...
Of course I have to see the personality and what they look like before deciding, just like I feel like before making a baby name official, I'd need to see the baby and get to know them a bit to make sure the name would fit....

Any advice, thoughts on names, etc.?

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