Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Patience... GGGRRRRRRR!!!

I really truly try to be a patient person, but in this case, it's not going very well. When I called OmniPod after finding out about their deal for Cozmo users (this past Friday, and the deal is up this Friday) I was told that as long as they got my paperwork and file going before 7/31, I would be okay in still getting that deal. I was also told they would call within 24 hours of receiving my paperwork to confirm the file was started and I could still get the deal pending MD approval. I had my mom fax in the paperwork from me on Monday in the morning. I am going to fax the Statement of Medical Necessity to my endocrinologist tomorrow morning. So... Monday + 24 hours = Tuesday. Today is Wednesday, late in the day. I have still not heard that they received my paperwork. I'm starting to get a bit anxious as the deal is over Friday.

In other news, the Animas people are waiting for a prescription from my endocrinologist so that I can try their pump for a length of time before making my final pump decision. I love my endocrinologist, she truly is great, and her CDE is amazing too, but they are very busy people, and when time is of the essence (I want to have tried all my pump options before my life gets super crazy with nursing school again so at that point, I can just make my decision, get the paperwork going, and just start up with a pump on some random weekend of choice) it gets kind of frustrating waiting around for them to sign a little piece of paper and fax it in.

More good news! When I was down at the Friends for Life conference earlier this month, I snuck into a focus group about Medingo's new Solo Insulin Pump that they are coming out with. The session was intended for parents and children ages 7 - 17. We went up to the room and confirmed this was the place we were looking for. The Medingo Rep at the door welcomed us (me and my roomie who also looks really young) right in, and pointed us in the direction of where the kids were to gather. Apparently I look like I am 17 years old or younger, as did my roommate. BUMMER! When we admitted to the representative that we were actually 23 and 19, she gave an audible gasp. We then proceeded to well... *cough* beg our way into the session raving about how interested we were in their product and how much we would LOVE to learn more about their pump. She smiled and laughed and welcomed us in, again telling us we would probably be better sitting with the kids since we would be the actual pump users. Anyway... where was I? Oh... I'm rambling again... sorry! It was just announced that the Medingo Solo patch / PDM Insulin Pump system has been approved to be marketed in the US. There is still no word on when the pump will be out, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. I know that breaking into the business is very tough to do, afterall... look at what happened with Cozmo (RIP), but I definitely wish Medingo the very best of luck in bringing more pump options to me and all the other PWDs out there.

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