Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's the simple things in life....

I got a call today (sadly was in the mall getting new scrubs for nursing school, so I missed the call) from Jill at OmniPod. She said all my paperwork is in, and she was calling to set up shipping for the $50 Cozmo users deal-i-o. I missed the call. I'm sad. I got her number, wrote it on my hand since I had no paper, and when my mom and I went into a fitting room at Eddie Bauer when she was going to try some things on, I sat on the chair and tried calling Jill back. She wasn't there. So... hopefully, I will get in touch with her tomorrow, and if everything works out as it should, I am hoping to have the OmniPod Monday. YAY!

What does this mean? Well... from day one with the pump, I have always kept my pump in my right pants pocket or clipped on the right side of my pants. Without tubing, I won't have anything attached to me that would be needing a pocket! I'll have the PDM to carry, but that'll go in my purse. I can wear pants and skirts, dresses, etc. without pockets! I am so excited! I'm already planning on wearing this really cute skirt I have and not having to have my pump clipped onto the waist of it. YAY!

Really... it's the simple things in life.
With regard to diabetes, what's your "simple pleasure"?


  1. Bill -
    I am sorry to say you missed the wonderful deal-i-o. It was a $49 offer for current Cozmo users to switch to the OmniPod, receiving a brand new first generation PDM and a box of 10 pods. Sadly however, the deal ended today. You MIGHT be able to call and fax in the paperwork super quick though. They said that as long as you have the file started by today at the latest (meaning at least one of the forms in to them), you are grandfathered in for the deal. You would just have to call and see if you can still fax in something to get the deal. Good Luck!