Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rough times expected ahead...

This next week, I am starting my night shift schedule.  This is what I was hired for, and my body seems to do ok with night shift so I'm ok with it.  If I could pick any shift, I would LOVE the 3p to 11p shift... I am NOT a morning person.
I have admittedly been slacking a bit on testing lately, so with the change of shift coming up, I plan on using that to get back into things and evaluate basals, etc. with the change of sleep / wake cycles.
The last time I was working night shifts, I actually had my blood sugars AWESOME somehow.  I plan on starting up on my Dex again... have been taking a break from that for a bit because I generally get the best results with that on my upper arms, and my skin there was getting very angry.
The first week or so of a complete reversal of shifts is generally a bit messy and rough, but before, once I hit week 3 of that schedule things were pretty well smoothed over.  That first bit though frankly SUCKS!
Does anyone have any tips for making this transition a bit easier?
I know test, test, Dex, test and wait at least a few days or a week until my body's a bit less stressed and freaked out by the change to then change any pump settings otherwise it gets WAY too confusing.
Are there any other night shift PWDs out there?

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