Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Double Barreled Pumping

Off I go... long story about the Animas trial. Vicki is my Animas lady. She was supposed to be at my house at 5:00pm. I hadn't heard from her at 5:35, so I e-mailed her asking if she really did mean this week, or if she meant to say next week for the trial. While waiting for her response (since I was SO SURE she wasn't coming tonight) I started a pod in me. Then, I got an e-mail saying she was 10 miles away! Oops! Maybe I shouldn't have started the pod just then. I also saw I had a voicemail from her from 5:00 saying she was stuck in traffic. Oops again! In my house, there are areas where one minute you'll have perfect cell reception, and the next minute, NOTHING! Apparently she called during one of those NOTHING times.

So fast forward to about 6:25 or so when Vicki shows up. MAJOR TRAFFIC!!! Anyway, I had to explain to her why my Cozmo pump was sitting on the kitchen table (for settings of course) and why I had a pod on (to try their product of course). We ended up setting me up with saline in the Animas, then when this pod expires, I'll switch to insulin in the Animas and actually try it out for real. I get to ahve the Animas loaner pump for a week give or take.

Right now though... Double Barelled Pumping! WOO!

No worries... I will report back with my super scientific results of the findings when I'm all done.

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