Monday, August 10, 2009

Pump Trials (and Tribulations)

I fought constant lows basically from the first hour on the pod. I'm not sure what caused them, other than that I was able to figure out it was a Cozmo vs. Pod thing since I had the same EXACT settings on the pod as I did on the Cozmo. Pain in the butt! When I finally figured out the right amount of basal for the pod (85% my usual Cozmo basals) the pod had about expired. I'm now a bit afraid of the pod, and kind of turned off of it because of all the lows and a couple days of trying to figure out what caused them, what to change, etc. (and one night, dropping from 94 with food on board and less insulin to cover said food, to 29 in ONE HOUR!). I am now using the Animas with insulin, and my blood sugars have not been over 168, or under 78 since I started that (again with my Cozmo basals). I am liking the Animas a lot more than I thought I would. I have this gut feeling that I will end up with a tubed pump again as my decision, but I still REALLY like the thought of a tubeless pump and just having the PDM. Maybe when the Medingo Solo comes out, I'll go for that. In the meantime though, still trying to figure out what to do NOW about pumping. I'm thinking I'll do either Minimed or Animas, and I have the OmniPod stuff already, so I can always use that if I want a break from being tied to something, or if I have a wedding or event to go to where I'll be wearing a dress. I'm liking that I can now have options if I go with a different pump from the OmniPod, but also, if I DO go with the OmniPod, I already have a month of supplies too.


  1. I've wondered about the omnipod too, now I'm not so sure about it. I have been type 1 for a little over 50 years and am doing well at 54. I've been on the Cozmore pump for about 3+ years and have done very well. I hate to change at all but don't we all.

    I'm feeling great and am in excellent shape so I'm one of the lucky ones.

    I may go with Minimed since they seem to be around for the long haul. I don't want to like one again and then they close shop on me.

    Good luck to you!

  2. The I:C ratios in the Ping only go up or down by whole units (whereas in the Cozmo you could increase or decrease carb amounts by .5 units). Not much of a change, but enough to really foul up your BG' I found out after doing the exact same thing you did (enter my Cozmo paramaters into the Ping).

    I'm not saying that's the SOLE cause, but it's one contributing factor. Since I couldn't use the exact same I:C ratio, I ended up using 1:7 instead of 1:6.5, and decreased my basal rate slightly, to compensate.

    Basal rates on the Ping can be increased or decreased by .005 units...

  3. Thanks for the info. about the Ping. I am actually having no issues at all with the Ping though. My issues with lows are from the OmniPod... not the Ping.