Friday, August 21, 2009


I got the Solo micropump demo packet in the mail today. I tore into that package like a little kid on Christmas morning! I am very impressed with the Solo pump thus far. The demo packet includes written information (not super specific sadly about the functions, etc.) and a demo cradle and pump module. For those of you not very familiar with the Solo patch insulin pump by Medingo, check it out here -----> .

This adds another delay into my pump decision. After going back on the Cozmo after a couple OmniPods that I had to pull because of leaking with the cannula still in place, I realized how much I truly liked having a tubeless pump. So where do I go now? I am debating between either sticking with the Cozmo as long as I can until the Solo comes out in my area of the country, or getting the Minimed now and revisiting the idea of the Solo after 4 years with Minimed, or if I get new insurance sooner, as soon as I would be able to get a new pump. My concerns are this: Going with a first generation pump, what if there are kinks still not worked out? I would think kinks are inevitable with a new product that is attached to you and working 24/7/365. Is this a reason to either not go with the Solo or hold off, or can I assume the customer service will be adequate enough to be able ot handle anything that may be thrown at them?

This decision process is not getting much easier!
What do you all think of the Solo? Leave a comment!

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