Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Battle of Minimed vs. Animas

Here are my thoughts thus far. I still have yet to make a pump decision and want to decide soon.

  • I prefer the Minimed menus to the Animas ones. I find them personally easier to navigate.
  • Animas only holds 200u at a time in the reservoir. Minimed can hold either 176 or 300 (with the 7XX models).
  • I don't like that with Animas, you have to rewind and re-prime every time you change the battery.
  • I like that with Minimed, when you calculate a bolus using carbs, BG, etc. that the result is auto-populated into the recommended amount that you can then tweak rather than having to scroll up to the recommended number like you have to do with Animas.

  • You have more tweaking abilities with the Animas because of the ability to do 0.025 u / hr. basal rates.
  • Minimed, you are restricted on which sites you can use (only theirs - unless you want to risk voiding the pump warranty by using the luer-lock adapted ones). Animas, you can use any luer lock pump site.
  • I prefer the Dexcom to the Minimed CGMS, and Animas will eventually be integrating with the Dexcom.
Well... so far it looks like Minimed's in the lead by ONE positive aspect. If I'm forgetting anything major that I need to think about with my decision between the 2, please leave me a note in the comments as a friendly reminder. Thanks!

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  1. I walked the same path you did, and after having a "up close and personal" demo of both pumps, I decided to go with the Animas.


    For me, the Animas menus made more sense (I was used to a Deltec Cozmo).

    I REALLY like the fact that you can bolus from the Ping meter, WITHOUT having to take the pump off your belt.

    The Ping meter gives you more info on your BG's (bgoth as a graph, and also by statistical averages) than any meter or pump I've used. You don't have the be at your PC to see how your basal rates, boluses etc are affecting your BG levels.

    The screen on the Animas Ping pump is by far the east to read that I have ever seen. (I have poor eyesight, so this was important to me).